How to ensure the fourth industrial revolution is 'Made in the USA'
Posted by admin on 11th October 2017

President Donald Trump has long talked about reinvigorating American manufacturing, which has suffered heavy job losses as a result of automation, trade deals and other factors.

In July, the Trump administration even celebrated “made in America” week by showcasing things built in the U.S. and hosting dozens of manufacturers at the White House.

Some of the highlighted products included golf balls made in Arizona, helicopters built in Connecticut and New York Steinway pianos – one product from every state.

To me, an engineer who studies the future of manufacturing, this focus on what the U.S. made yesterday will only go so far in saving American manufacturing. The U.S. needs to figure out what the country should make tomorrow – and invest heavily in it. Whether we do depends on our willingness to embrace the fourth industrial revolution, a new era that is beginning and is destined to be just as pivotal as the previous three.