How to customize your Google Chrome and Chromebook searches
Posted by WorldTimeNews on 17th September 2018

For me, obviously, it’s searching The Verge , but I also have custom engines set up for YouTube, Amazon, news from the past week, and a few more things.
So, for example, when I want to search Amazon for something, I can just type “az battery” in my Chrome bar or in the Chromebook search bar and it just opens Amazon and searches for that thing.
In Chrome, click the three-dot menu and go to settings, then scroll down to “Search engine” and click on “Manage search engines.” You can also just type “engine” in the search bar at the top of the settings, if you want.
What this list does is set up the ability to do more than just “Google it.” So, for example, if you have visited 9to5Mac a bunch and then type “ iPhone,” Chrome will limit that search to just that website.
But, now that you’re here, it’s time to get customizing the other engines.
Bluntly, Google’s tools for managing this stuff are so basic that you’re going to get annoyed at some point in this process.
“%s” is Chrome’s way of saying “the search term goes here” for custom searches.
Search Engine: This is the text you’ll see in the URL bar on the browser when you do the custom search.
I’ve set up a bunch of time-limited Google searches so I don’t have to manually dig into the “Search Tools” field, for example.
The basics are the same for any URL and for most of the searches you might do on the web: if you find yourself clicking the same darn buttons over and over again, it might be easier to just set up a keyword for it in Chrome.

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